Mar 22, 2018

Postdoctoral Fellow interested in EEG and faces

  • Harvard Medical School/Boston VA Hospital
  • Boston, MA, USA
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Job Description

Measuring Behavioral and Neural Changes after Cognitive Training in Prosopagnosia

Objectives of the Project: 1) To test a cognitive training program aimed at enhancing face processing and functional outcomes in developmental prosopagnosics (individuals with severe lifelong face recognition difficulties). 2) To record EEG as well as MRI/fMRI/DTI during face processing tasks before and after training to understand the neural changes related to behaviorally-relevant changes in face processing. 3) To measure behavioral and neural differences between prosopagnosics and controls.

Description: We are looking for a highly motivated, organized postdoctoral researcher to join our team and be involved in all aspects of this innovative cognitive training study. In particular, the postdoctoral researcher will perform and analyze EEG recordings as well as help oversee a full-time research assistant that will perform pre/post cognitive assessments as well as MRI/fMRI/DTI scans.  The postdoctoral researcher will spend the majority of their time acquiring and analyzing pre/post training EEG data.  

In addition to this main project, the postdoctoral researcher will have several opportunities to perform independent projects in healthy populations, developmental/acquired prosopagnosics, and Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and will also have the opportunity to access several large existing datasets.  Finally, the postdoctoral researcher will be expected to be a first author and contributing author on several manuscripts, present their work at national/international conferences, and assist with grant preparation.  This position will be based at the VA Boston Healthcare System in Jamaica Plain, MA.  We are looking for someone who can start in July/August and commit until summer of 2020. The position will provide an excellent opportunity for training in EEG (Dr. Kevin Spencer) as well as individual differences and cognitive rehabilitation (Dr. Joe DeGutis).  Additional training opportunities with team members in structural MRI/DTI (Dr. David Salat) and functional MRI (Dr. Michael Esterman) are available.  This position will uniquely prepare the individual for either academic or medical school model career paths.

Background required: Ph.D. in experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience, or related field.

Skills: Technical skills and prior research experience in EEG is required. A background in statistical analysis of behavioral and EEG is also required and coding experience is preferred.

Salary: based on NIH pay scale for postdoctoral fellows (

**Minorities, women, and members of other under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.  We are able to sponsor non-US citizens.

If interested, please send a cover letter and CV to Dr. Joe DeGutis (


Harvard Medical School/VA Boston Healthcare System



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