Apr 13, 2018

Psychology Resident

  • Wasatch Mental Health
  • Provo, UT, USA
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Job Description

Minimum Qualifications: Graduation from an approved college, university, or Professional School with a doctorate (PhD or PsyD) degree in psychology, educational psychology or a related field plus certification by DOPL as Psychology Resident; OR One (1) year of experience in an approved pre-doctoral internship.

~May consider those who are in process of pre-doctoral internship and graduation

POSITION SUMMARY: Performs a variety of working level professional clinical and outpatient psychotherapy, psychological assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning functions as needed to provide mental health program services to individuals, groups, and families. conducts prevention related classes and workshops to individuals, groups or organizations. 

MAY DO SOME OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Provides psychological testing and diagnostic services; utilizes various evaluation instruments; performs domestic violence assessments; gathers background information & data; evaluates/assesses mental status; identifies and records emotional functioning and behavioral problems; identifies socialization issues; determines needs related to self help and survival skills; tests clients and determines diagnosis; develops recommendations.

Acts as a subject matter expert in giving testimony in court hearings and investigations; attends juvenile court as needed to represent client needs and provide professional opinions related to adolescent/adult status, competency, custody, etc.; provides consultation to judicial and legal personnel.

May conduct client discharge planning, screens outpatient and aftercare programs to ensure continuity of client care; provides liaison between aftercare teams of the Utah State Hospital and the local mental health program; assists in screening and evaluation of referrals from local agencies.

Provides direct and indirect clinical services for various clients referred by courts or DCFS; conducts assessments for non-clients; determines need for additional services, i.e., anger management, group therapy, substance abuse treatment, clinical counseling, etc.; performs individual, family, collateral and group psychotherapy; manages personal case load; provides training and consultation services to individuals, groups, families and organizations.

Develops and writes recovery plans; participates in staff and peer review meetings; monitors, evaluates and interprets diagnosis, goals and progress notes related to individual clients; assists with document reviews to assure compliance with record keeping requirements, policies, and outside audit regulations.

Serves as liaison to various agencies, i.e., courts, DFCS, etc., providing complementary services and special programs to selected target groups; coordinates mutual and cooperative efforts; performs various public relations; participates in public forums and makes public addresses; prepares mental status reports and conducts exams for disability determinations for social security and Medicaid.

Develops support groups for assigned areas of specialization; develops client networks and transition groups; provides training, consultation, and related mental health specialty services; consults as a member of the daytime and 24 hour crisis team; responds to life threatening or severe trauma situations; provides crisis counseling and therapy.

Performs various administrative functions related to client and program records; documents service hours; develops and updates assessments, charts, treatment plans & reviews and progress notes; collects and records data regarding client enrollment, fee setting, billing, Medicaid audits, etc.

Monitors client behaviors and reaction to medications as needed to avoid adverse side affects; receives medical instruction from nursing staff.

Performs general case monitoring and management; assists in determining appropriate treatments and timely termination of clients’ relationship by participating in a group staff decision making meeting.

Coordinates with supervisors regarding issues and problems that interfere with assignments, goals, treatment plans, and projects.

Performs other related duties as required.


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