Sep 13, 2018

Post-Doctoral Resident

  • Lakewood Wellness Partners
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
Postdoc Abnormal Aging Applied Psychology Behavioral Behavioral Neuroscience Clinical Cognitive Cognitive Neuroscience Counseling Pediatric Psychology

Job Description

Lakewood Wellness Partners is hiring psychological associates (Masters Level), Post-Doctoral Residents, Provisionally Licensed Psychologists (doctoral level) who want to work in a diverse (all ages and opportunities to specialize) and growing private practice in Dallas for at least a 3-year commitment that provides comprehensive assessment/testing and therapy services to start at a mutually agreed to date in 2018, 2019, or 2020. We are hiring two people (salaried positions with perks) and are interested in those who want to focus on either assessment/testing or therapy or both. There are also opportunities to specialize. if you know of anyone who is interested please have them contact me at Thank you Dr. Katherine Pang


Lakewood Wellness Partners


Assessment and Therapy

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