Jan 24, 2019

Research Assistant

  • Visual Attention Lab / Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Cambridge, MA, USA
Postdoc Cognitive Visual Cognition Visual Perception

Job Description

This position is in the lab of Jeremy Wolfe. We conduct

psychophysical/behavioral research primarily in the

area of visual attention. How do you find what you are looking for 

in a world full of things you are not looking for? How do

radiologists find a tumor in an x-ray? How do their eyes move

when they are searching? Why do we miss things? How can we

keep track of several things at the same time? Healthy young

adults are the experimental observers for most experiments.

Medical image perception, especially with radiologists as

observers, is an increasingly large aspect of work in the lab.


The position involves all stages of the research

process, from planning experiments and preparing documents for

the human subject review board to helping write up results for

publication; but the main focus is data collection and analysis.

Research assistants typically attend and present at one scientific

meeting each year, funding permitting.


This position requires a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science 

degree. A major in Psychology or related field would be

preferable, but is not necessary. Some research experience would

also be useful. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are

needed in order to successfully work with expert observers (e.g.

radiologists). A candidate should have some computer experience

and should be willing to learn how to use our statistics, graphics,

and word processing packages.  Programming experience is not

necessary, but familiarity with MATLAB would be a plus.

Familiarity with eye tracking would be another plus. A candidate

must be able to work in an organized, independent manner on

multiple tasks and should be able to interact with subjects in a

tactful and pleasant manner.


This is an excellent position for a recent college graduate who

wants to spend two or more years in a research setting before going

on to graduate or medical school.


  • A two-year commitment is required.
  • The position is not appropriate for those with advanced degrees.
  • Visa and funding issues make it extremely difficult to hire non-US residents.
  • Non-citizens with permission to work in the US are welcome to apply.


The Visual Attention Lab is committed to

diversity and inclusion in hiring for this position.


This position could start anytime between about May 1 and Sept 1,

depending on the candidate’s schedule (Finish college first!).


If interested, please send an email to Jeremy Wolfe.




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