Jul 08, 2019

Postdoctoral fellowship

  • McGill University
  • McGill University, Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC, Canada
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Job Description

We are seeking clinician-scientists for this prestigious fellowship to investigate human communication sciences and disorders.

Eligibility includes:

   > clinical credentials in speech-language Pathology or Audiology or a related field.

   > any citizenship

   > PhD in communication Sciences & Disorders or related fields is preferred but we will       

consider applicants without a doctoral degree who propose a project that is well aligned with the program objectives.

Start date: September 2019 or January 2020

            The award value is $35K and may be renewed for a second year. A $2500 allowance for research-related expenses (e.g. conference travel) is also included.

           The clinical professional will develop and implement a research project in collaboration with one or more faculty within the school. Our objective is support research activities that lead to advances in clinical practice or training or provide new findings that may launch an ongoing clinical research project. 

Applicants are encouraged to work with SCSD faculty in developing a brief (2-page) proposal that includes the following:

  • Relevant background
  • Specific aims, i.e. research question or hypothesis
  • Brief description of methodology
  • Comment on feasibility of the project – including possible difficulties
  • Expected outcomes (wrt knowledge gained and/or training involved)
  • SCSD faculty who will be involved
  • Comments on the specific roles of the applicant and SCSD faculty who will be involved

To apply, please submit a CV and along with your project proposal, and the names and contact information for two referees, by July 31, 2019 to the Graduate Program Director.


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