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May 31, 2023  
Postdoctoral Research Fellow position at Department of Psychology/Brain and Mind, Western University, Canada. www.jessicagrahn.com/postdoctoral-position.html The post is based in the Music and Neuroscience lab (headed by Jessica Grahn). The lab explores the links between music, rhythm, and movement using neuroscientific methods and various populations (e.g., healthy adults, neurological patient populations, non-human animals). The lab is committed to best practices in Equity and Diversity. The post-holder will play a key role in neuroimaging and possibly neuropsychological patient investigations of rhythm, timing, and music. A background in cognitive neuroscience or experimental psychology and expertise in fMRI, EEG, TMS/tDCS/tACS, or neuropsychological patient testing is preferred, but not required. Comfort with computer programming (e.g., Matlab, Python, R) would be helpful. No musical background is necessary. The successful applicant will enjoy working as part of...
Western University London, Ontario, Canada Postdoc
May 31, 2023  
The Social Neuroscience Lab of the Max Planck Society, located in the heart of Berlin, is offering a PhD Position (m/f/x) in Psychology and/or Social Neuroscience Full-time / Salary group 65% (E 13 TVöD) The position is part of the Social Neuroscience Research Group, scientifically headed by Prof. Dr. Tania Singer. The Social Neuroscience Lab investigates the foundations of human social behavior and in particular the developmental and hormonal mechanisms underlying social emotions such as empathy and compassion as well as social cognition and prosocial behavior. Furthermore, the focus is on the increase of resilience, mental health through stress reduction as well as plasticity research of the social brain through different types of mental training (app-supported, mindfulness-based as well as dyadic approaches). The Social Neuroscience Lab is located in the heart of Berlin near the main train station ( www.social.mpg.de , www.taniasinger.de ). The successful candidate...
Kunze + Stamm GmbH Berlin, Germany Full time