University of Iowa

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences combines a long history of outstanding achievement with a modern commitment to interdisciplinary research. As the seventh oldest psychology department in the country, it has been home to such eminent psychologists as Kenneth Spence, Albert Bandura, and Leon Festinger. That tradition of research excellence continues today, reflected in part by the selection of its faculty members as recipients of many of our discipline's most prestigious awards

The department's commitment to research excellence is matched by a commitment to providing outstanding training in psychology for both undergraduate and graduate students. The graduate program reflects our strong belief in the importance of hands-on training in the discipline, scholarly productivity, and methodological rigor. Opportunities also abound for undergraduates who wish to become involved in research. 

Many of our faculty are affiliated with more than one departmental training area or research group. In addition, most faculty have strong ties with many other departments, centers, and programs across the university, including the Iowa Neuroscience Institute, the DeLTA Center, the Aging Mind and Brain Initiativethe College of MedicineCollege of BusinessCollege of EducationDepartment of Speech Pathology and Audiology, and the Neuroscience Graduate Program

The department's intellectual life is enhanced by its location in downtown Iowa City, which achieves a rare blend of charm, fun, and safety, and provides a large variety of coffee-houses and restaurants within close walking distance. Iowa City and the University of Iowa also offer a rich cultural life, from live theater, music, and book readings downtown to bigger performances and exhibits at the Hancher Auditorium and other venues for the arts