ShenZhen University
  • Guangdong, China

The college of Psychology and Sociology was founded in 2015. In 2018, the college started providing doctoral programs in Psychology. There were 12 laboratories in our college, housing a 3.0T MRI machine, 1 EEG machine, 3 optical imaging systems, 8 brand-name electroencephalograph, 1 magnetic stimulation, 4 eye-trackers, 3 biofeedback systems, 1 transcranial direct current stimulation and laboratories dedicated to behavioral experiments. Having these facilities that worth more than 15 million dollars, our college is one of the best platforms for cognitive neuroscience research.

Our research team is led by Dr. Qiufeng Gao, who is an expert in family education for adolescents in ShenZhen. Dr. Gao is a consultant for several local social work organizations and invited speaker for local public media. The current position provides opportunity to apply for national grants and school fundings.