Our Primary Goal

TelePsych Supports was created with one goal: to bridge the gap in behavioral health service delivery that exists in North Carolina and neighboring states.

Our core mission is to provide competent, timely, and cost-efficient behavioral health crisis evaluation services to facilities and settings that may not have ready access to such services, or that historically have had logistical barriers to securing such services in-house.


Many hospitals, clinics, and schools that operate in high patient-demand environments lack adequate access to behavioral health services, often resulting in long wait times or long travel distances to obtain appropriate treatment.  TelePsych Supports bridges that service gap, by leverage it's dedicated behavioral health clinicians, who have years of experience in providing assessment, treatment, and crisis intervention for both psychiatric and medical health populations.


We can provide an array of behavioral health services through multiple venues including hospitals, emergency departments, crisis centers, community clinics, urgent care centers, and sub-acute units.  Our service area spans across North Carolina and into neighboring States.  Our staff have provided such services for the past fifteen years, in both urban and rural settings.


Understanding differing needs across different settings, TelePsych Supports provides behavioral health services within a schedule catered to the needs of our clients.  We understand the need for behavioral health assessment or intervention does not always fall between the hours of 9 to 5 throughout the standard work week.  This is particularly relevant for those locations managing crisis response, involuntary commitment evaluations, and other risk assessments that occur around the clock.  We can be particularly beneficial to those facilities and clinics who require behavioral health support and intervention at varied and unpredictable times, but who do not require full-time in-house staff who would otherwise be cost prohibitive.