Stony Brook University
Jan 12, 2023  
Stony Brook University seeks a full-time postdoctoral fellow to conduct research with Drs. Roman Kotov (Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology) and H. Andrew Schwartz (Department of Computer Science). Duration and start time are negotiable.   We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow for a position on a study to develop artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools for assessment of PTSD and related psychopathology. It aims to recruit 1,000 participants with clinical PTSD symptoms to complete daily video diary and standard symptom assessments for 3 months. These data are unprecedent in mental health research, allowing investigation of hypotheses that were previous untestable. AI models will be trained using language, speech, and facial expressions to detect and predict PTSD symptoms. The resulting models will be validated against standard clinical measures. This study is associated with the World Well-Being Project, a consortium to advance measurement and understanding of mental...
Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY, USA Full time