Bryant University

Bryant University's distinctive multi-disciplinary curriculum integrates business with the arts and sciences, a global perspective, and a focus on character and ethics.

Through this combination of scholarly rigor, expansive thinking,and meaningful practice, students gain a deep understanding of their chosen disciplines as well as the interconnectedness of nations and cultures, which prepares them to address the emerging needs of industry and society.

A Bryant education conveys not just knowledge but values; develops not just technical skills but critical thinking and reasoning ability in a global context; and inspires not just competence but the qualities of character and leadership and a culture of service to others. This transformational education inspires and empowers students to truly make a difference in the world.

Bryant is also dedicated to the success of our faculty and staff, and the school provides excellent benefits, training, and support so that individual talents may flourish for the benefit of its students. Bryant's academic and technological excellence and innovation foster the development of individuals so each can reach his or her personal best in life and their profession.

The University is located approximately 15 minutes from Providence and one hour from Boston.