Wexford Health Services, Inc.

Over the past two decades,  Wexford Health has successfully delivered health care services to more than 270 correctional and other institutions across the country.  Incorporated in 1992 for the sole purpose of servicing correctional facilities, our unique combination of experience, resources, reliability, and responsiveness enables us to provide clients with quality, cost-effective inmate health services.

Wexford Health has provided health care programs for the corrections departments and/or human services agencies in 13 states, as well as programs for dozens of jail clients across the country.  Most of our contracts involve the provision of medical, behavioral health, dental, vision, and pharmaceutical care, as well as health-related products and services including chemical dependency treatment, telehealth, utilization management, and provider network development.

We currently apply the financial stability, practical experience, and solid infrastructure we have developed over the past 23 years to provide health care services to approximately 97,000 inmates and other residents at 120 institutions across the country.  This makes us large enough to efficiently deliver the services required by our clients, yet not so large that we cannot respond quickly to their needs and concerns.  Our 5 key areas of excellence — quality care, experienced management team, proven staffing expertise, technologically advanced services, and cost control programs — make Wexford Health the logical choice when selecting a partner to provide quality, cost-effective inmate health services. This is a part of our tremendous history.