Erskine College

Erskine College is located in picturesque Due West, South Carolina. Erskine prides itself on providing a Christian liberal arts education in a small, tight-knit community. The school’s motto is “know and be known” and that applies not just to the students but to the faculty as well. Erskine boasts a collegial faculty who develop deep connections with one another. Faculty can expect to receive peer mentorship from other faculty and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. Faculty also develop close relationships with students both inside and outside their respective disciplines. Erskine College is a teaching institution and as such the emphasis is on instruction rather than research. While there are opportunities to do research, performance evaluation places greater weight on teaching than research output. The student body of Erskine is known for its strong undergraduate research and high rate of acceptance into graduate programs. The students are compassionate, courteous, and a pleasure to teach. At the heart of Erskine College is its Christian identity. The college’s mission is to equip students to flourish by providing an excellent liberal arts education in a Christ-centered environment where learning and biblical truth are integrated to develop the whole person. Erskine provides a rare opportunity to integrate one’s Christian faith into the classroom. Therefore, candidates who seek employment at Erskine College should be professing Christians who are committed to exploring the intersections of faith and learning with students.