Center for Anxiety

Center for Anxiety™ is an independent specialty clinic with offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Rockland County and Great Neck, providing evidence-based treatments to all ages for anxiety and related symptoms. Directed by Harvard Psychologist David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, we take a holistic yet scientific approach to patient care. Our mission is to synergistically combine clinical practice, training, and science to produce wondrous results. Our patients get better quickly, with reduced symptoms and improvements in their daily lives. With exceptionally trained clinicians who have been selected for their commitment to the highest standard of professional care, we provide patients with an optimal experience from your very first call. Our collaborative clinical team is comprised of professional and well-trained practitioners, who tailor treatments to each patient, accounting for family, social, economic, cultural, and spiritual/religious needs. Using Cognitive Behavioral treatments, coupled with ongoing research and assessment, we offer patients the most effective treatments in the minimum amount of time.