Kadir Has University

The founder of Kadir Has University, the late Mr Kadir Has, dedicated his life to education.

The founding of our institution grew out of his personal philosophy: "I will strive to do and be the best for my country." In keeping with this motto, our purpose is to facilitate the education, development and prosperity of today’s youth by means of innovative research and academic teaching that inspires democratic thinking and practice. We believe that education can fortify our students, as it did earlier generations, to meet the tests of their own time. 

Our aim is to create an environment of education, research, and academic freedom at the level of the best universities in the world. Thus we offer education based on both traditional disciplines and interdisciplinary models; we foster the skills necessary for continuing social and cultural development; and, while helping students prepare for the future, we encourage their search for higher truths.

The central tenet of Kadir Has University’s philosophy is to produce students who are self-confident, who question, who consider all perspectives and evaluate them without prejudice, and who are open to the winds of change. We want students to see that as successful scholars and fulfilled individuals, they are the leaders of our society.

To reach this goal:

  • We hold to international standards of quality while keeping our tuition fees at moderate levels;
  • We offer scholarships to all our students who achieve a high GPA;
  • We strive to keep class sizes small for better teaching;
  • We prefer targeted education over loosely organized programs;
  • We give students access to our advanced technological facilities and intellectual resources;
  • We update our curricula and syllabi each year in response to international developments and student needs, preferring a dynamic curriculum to static programs;
  • We encourage the free expression of faculty and student opinion, and creative ideas; we focus on academic freedom, a democratic environment and positive human relations for intellectual discussion;
  • We select our faculty members from internationally respected universities and encourage them to consider their fields of expertise from both a local and global point of view;
  • We foster social responsibility projects that contribute to the environment and to society, and motivate our students to be responsible citizens;
  • By collaborating with prominent foreign universities, we assist our students to further their education abroad;
  • With our doors open to international collaboration, we pursue our goal of becoming a world university in the centre of Istanbul.