CSU Channel Islands

Psychology is the study of the aspects of mind related to human nature, our relationships to each other, and our relationship to the world at large. While psychology is often scientific in its outlook, it also includes ways of knowing and understanding the world based on philosophy, the humanities, and the arts. In this sense psychology is one of the broadest of disciplines, encompassing a wide range of academic areas and endeavors.

Psychology also recognizes the diverse cultural, economic, ethnic, historical, and political viewpoints that exist in a multicultural world. The discipline seeks to understand how these viewpoints interact with individual and group behavior in order to encourage a rich pluralism of human interaction.

Graduates of the Channel Islands BA in Psychology Program will be able to find work in a variety of settings. Typically, psychology graduates do well finding jobs. However, many undergraduate psychology majors choose to go on to graduate school for masters, doctorates, or other professional degrees. The psychology faculty at Channel Islands are committed to helping these students gain admittance to graduate school.