Our company was established in 2010 as one of the first ISP companies in Iran.

During its years of activity, the company has been able to establish its name as one of the most reputable companies in the country in the field of IP-based services by using experienced and responsible staff. خرید بک لینکThe company currently operates in the following areas:

Provide dedicated bandwidth.
Provide ADSL2 + service and smart internet to home customers.
Providing international telephone service.
Providing dedicated internet for residential and office complexes.
Mechanization of management خرید بک لینک pbn and financial operations in residential complexes.
Obtain Servco license to develop the company's activities nationwide

our services:

In recent years, many residential and office complexes have installed central internet. The advantages of using such a service are as follows:

A- Receiving high-speed internet for units whose telephone line is provided through PCM and fiber lines of the telecommunication company, تحلیلگر سئوor due to the low quality of the telephone line, they suffer from frequent interruptions.
B- Reducing the costs of the Internet compared to telecommunication services
C- No need to provide ownership documents of the telephone line and during the administrative steps of receiving the service
D - Accelerate the receipt of services
Recently, due to the need for higher quality Internet service for multimedia users, video calls and online games, the discussion of quality has become one of the major challenges for Iranian users. Due to the nature of the central Internet, سئو خارجی where the equipment is located at a distance of less than 300 meters (300 meters of copper telephone wire length), it is possible to provide VDSL2 or even ADSL2 + service with a speed of 20Mbps. In all DSL family services, shared distance to the equipment of the service company plays a decisive role and is effective in providing high-speed services.