We started working in the form of online sales of electronic and digital products and review and critique of goods inقیمت دوربین خودرو  2006, but with the transition to the police market model in 2016, we entered a new stage in the formation of the e-commerce  فروش دوربین مداربستهecosystem in Iran. What is now known as the Digikala Group is a wide chain of online sales of all goods with a very high variety and also includes different platforms   فروشگاه دوربین مداربستهand services, each of which is a step towards value creation in the digital economy of Iran. Here is the story of Digikala in the last 15 years.

We believe that Digikala is defined by its humanدوربین مخفی کوچک capital of more than 9,000 employees. As a rapidly growing organization, we face a variety of issues in terms of decision making, recruitment, performance  دوربین خودرو appraisal, and development, but by streamlining processes, providing facilities that meet global standards,خرید دوربین مخفی and aligning with top technology-driven businesses. World, we strive to ensure mutual success for business and individuals. Working at Digikala is like swimming دستگاه شنودin a wide and deep ocean, full of challenges and learning.

Ethical and sustainable performance withقیمت ردیاب خودرو environmental andجی پی اس خودرو benevolent considerations is the concernردیاب خودرو  of Digikala as a business that always seeks social impact.دوربین شلنگی We are accountable to our customers and retailers, the community and our partners, so we strive to align Digitica's priorities with the ideals of sustainable development.