Many people these days are looking for a WiFi-enabled CCTV camera as a security solution for their location. But exactly what type of camera is called a WiFi CCTV camera and for what uses it is suitable. We will introduce  دوربین سیم کارت خور it in the following

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Before any explanation,  دوربین مداربسته سیم کارت خور you should know that Wi-Fi surveillance cameras are only network cameras and there is no such thing as a Wi-Fi analog camera. Common network surveillance cameras send images to a monitor or recording device through network cables (CAT5 and CAT6).

But in Wi-Fi cameras, everything that enables  قیمت دوربین مداربسته سیم کارت خورthe camera to transmit images over a network is built into the camera. These CCTV cameras send images to you via Wi-Fi network. You can also receive images via the Internet by installing a modem in the place of the signal, so you can access the images   دوربین مداربسته wherever you are by connecting your electronic device such as a mobile phone, tablet, etc. to the Internet. Because all the operations of sending and receiving images areدوربین مداربسته خورشیدی  done through the network system or the Internet, there is no longerدوربین خورشیدی  any need for cabling, and if necessary, cabling is done only for power supply.

The difference between Wi-Fi and Wireless CCTV cameras

Many people equate Wi-Fi CCTV with wireless. فروش دوربین مداربسته But you should know that cameras with Wi-Fi technology are actually a subset of wireless surveillance cameras. Because there is wireless technology in some old analog cameras. Wireless analog cameras use the network and radio waves at a specific frequency خرید دوربین مداربسته in the range of 2.4 or 5.8 MHz to send images and cannot use a Wi-Fi network. But in Wi-Fi cameras, information is sent under the standard Wi-Fi protocol, which is more secure and less likely to interfere with it.