The quality of the sound on a radio is important, of course. These days, you can listen to your favourite online radio luisteren nederland on Wifi if you have a phone with good quality sound. A sound box for your radio can also be hung on it, but there are also various other gadgets for enhancing the sound. At home, you can connect your radio to your stereo speakers for extra volume. This enables you to listen to your favourite music in your home all day.

The volume should increase as soon as the neighbours are not bothered by you, and that's how you should listen to music, until you put your earplugs in. You should also listen to music as long as it's convenient, as the volume can be lowered again once you've put on your earplugs. If you want to listen to Dutch songs, 100% NL provides them on the radio station. It is not always in Dutch, but the music almost always is from a Dutch artist or band. Marco Borsato, Doe Maar, Ilse de Lange, and Kensington are just a few of the older artist whose songs are featured. The latest music by Kensington and Ilse de Lange is also popular.