William and Mary

We've been many things over the course of our 329-year history, but never has William & Mary been as vibrant, innovative and engaged as it is today.

Our students shine brighter than ever. They come here with impressive test scores, but even more impressive ambitions. They're ready to be challenged inside the classroom and out. They see our historic dedication to community service and sustainability and can't wait to put their considerable talents to work on tough, real-world problems.

Building on our core value of diversity, we strive to be a place where equity and inclusion are integral parts of all that we do. We work to create a community that is representative of individuals with different backgrounds, talents and skills.

We believe in original, hands-on research, something that's missing from most liberal arts educations. That's why our undergrads — from their very first class — are given unprecedented opportunities to work with peers and experienced faculty mentors on projects that inspire them.

We're proud of our hometown and our home state of Virginia. We’re constantly looking for innovative partnerships that contribute to the booming economic development of the Williamsburg region and the state as a whole.

At the end of the day, nothing says more about the distinct advantages of a W&M education than the remarkable success of our graduates