University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) is a Carnegie Tier 1 (R1) research university that is one of the fastest growing institutions in the US (#2 last year), and until our 50th anniversary last year, was ranked by Times Higher Education as the top US university under the age of 50. Faculty in BBS are based on the main campus and at three research centers located in central Dallas near the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW), with which there are strong collaborative relationships. The UT Dallas BrainHealth Imaging Center houses two Siemens Magnetom Prisma 3T MRI scanners, which are used by many BBS investigators. UTSW houses the Advanced Imaging Research Center (AIRC), an inter-institutional facility that provides more advanced neuroimaging resources, including very high field MRI (7T), MEG, and PET. Core facilities include EEG, TMS, tDCS, eye trackers, and other physiological measurement devices. The Department of Psychology includes faculty affiliated with the Center for Children and Families, the Center for Vital Longevity, and the Center for BrainHealth. The department is home to doctoral programs in Psychology and Cognition and Neuroscience, master’s programs in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience, Psychology, and Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders, and bachelor’s programs in Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Child Learning and Development