Consortium Research Fellows Program

The Consortium Research Fellows Program (CRFP) recruits, employs, funds, and mentors graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and post-doctoral researchers, to match them with critical applied research needs for government agencies.

The CRFP’s expertise in recruiting highly specialized researchers is invaluable to our partners. Saving time and resources, the CRFP offers a best-in-class model for bringing diverse, skilled talent from across the country.  Through our model, agencies and organizations gain expertise, expanding their workforce while the CRFP navigates all of the human resources and oversight complexities, allowing researchers to focus on their work.

Research fellowships give students and post-doctoral researchers 1-3 years of experience in applied research settings, making their fellowship as beneficial for their future career as it is for their education. Connecting to the supervision of mentors and specialists, fellows develop research, analytical, and technical writing skills while maintaining classes and pursuing a degree.