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Product Comparison: Shark Navigator Nv360 Vs. Nv370

Not every product at a high price completely dominates a cheaper one.

If you intend to buy a vacuum cleaner for your house, Shark may be one of the first names in your head. Since there are more and more new models released to the market, Shark NV360  remains in a good position in consumers’ minds. We will now study the reasons by comparing it with a later and more expensive model: Shark nv370. 


As both machines are navigators, the appearances of those are nearly the same despite some minor differences. Besides that, these upright vacuum cleaners have several similarities:

Feature: Both Shark navigator 360 and nv370 are equipped with the Lift-Away Technology, which allows them to be transformed between upright and canister style. They also come with a swivel steering function that makes them easy to maneuver.

Suction power: Bagless cyclonic technology, also called never-loses suction, is provided in these two machines. This feature keeps them performing consistently regardless of surfaces and how full the debris container is and avoiding congestion inside the device.

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Filters: Both machines come with HEPA filters and Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology. The filters can not only clean your house to a nearly full extent but also be washable. You can wash them with fresh water then dry in 24 hours, they can be reused. Recycling the filters means contributing to environmental protection.

Moreover, these vacuums consist of a pet power brush, another one for dust and debris and a crevice tool.


Color: Shark vacuum nv360 is in blue and white color while the color of nv370 is white. Both are attractive and bring a formal look to any place they locate in your house.

Crevice tool: This is the feature making nv370 different from the other. The model nv360 has only one tool with 5.5 inches in length while nv370 has two: one 8 inches and another 24 inches. These two crevice tools allow nv370 to clean areas that are harder to reach such as under the bed.

Dusting brush: One more superior component from nv370 over nv360: the former is equipped with a premium brush roll but that of the latter is a standard only. Therefore, nv370 is better at cleaning than the other.

Power cord: the wire of  Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 is 25 feet while nv370 has a cable of 30 feet, which helps it move farther from the electric power.

Debris container: You may be a little bit surprised by this detail: the capacity of nv360 is 12 quartz while the number for nv370 is only 10 quartz.

Customer service: Another stunning factor for these machines: the nv360 has a 5-year warranty but nv370 is guaranteed only in 1 year.


According to Shark NV360 Reviews , it can be seen that Shark lift away deluxe nv360 is a bit less efficient in performance than Shark nv370 because of the two important pieces of equipment, rolling brush and crevice tool. However, if your financial budget is not big, the nv360 is still a great choice as it works effectively on different surfaces including carpeted stairs. On the other hand, Shark nv370 brings an excellent experience for those who want higher quality.