Cornell Arts & Sciences
Aug 30, 2023  
Klarman Fellowships in Arts & Sciences Cornell University Ithaca, New York, USA   Cornell University’s College of Arts & Sciences invites applications from early-career scholars of exceptional talent and initiative for up to ten Klarman Postdoctoral Fellowships. Klarman Fellows may pursue research in any discipline in the College, including natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and the creative arts as well as cross-cutting fields that transcend traditional boundaries. Appointments are for up to three years and begin in late summer/early fall 2024. The Fellowship offers an annual stipend of $80,000 plus Cornell benefits and $12,000 per year for research expenses. Applicants must have earned a doctoral degree no earlier than 1 May 2022 and identify a faculty member with a primary appointment in the College of Arts & Sciences to serve as their faculty host. For more information about eligibility, terms of the...
Cornell Arts & Sciences Ithaca, NY, USA Postdoc