Rent It Online

"Rent it Online makes renting anything easy! We are an online peer-to-peer rental marketplace that connects people who need to rent items with people willing to lend them. Whether you need to rent a car, apartment, office space, villa, townhouse, crane, yacht or water sports equipment, Rent it Online has you covered.

Our user-friendly website and app allow you to search for and reserve thousands of items in your area. Browse listings for cars, trucks, apartments, villas, townhouses, office spaces, cranes, yachts, water sports equipment, party and event supplies, tools, recreational equipment, furniture, appliances, and more. Rental providers list their quality items along with rental terms and delivery options. You can book and pay securely online and connect directly with the lender to arrange pickup or delivery.

Some of the specific rental services we offer include:

  1. Car rental
  2. Property rental (apartments, villas, townhouses, office spaces)
  3. Crane rental
  4. Bike rental
  5. Yacht rental
  6. Water sports equipment rental

Rent it Online is the smart, affordable way to access the items you need without having to buy everything. Save money and storage space. List your own unused items to earn extra cash. Join our community of borrowers and lenders and enjoy the perks of convenient, peer-to-peer renting. Rent it, don't buy it - the easy way with Rent it Online!"