Kent State University-Psychological Sciences
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Apr 23, 2024  
The Pediatric Anxiety and Allergy Research Clinic (PAARC) is seeking a Post-Doctoral Fellow to work as part of a NIMH funded project investigating the development and preliminary efficacy of an mHealth application designed to aid in the treatment of trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder). A focus of this post doc will be the national recruitment of 90 participants diagnosed with hair pulling disorder and randomly assigned to one of two treatment conditions. This project is focused upon adults with hair pulling disorder; however, the focus of the PAARC is upon developing a better understanding of and treatments for pediatric anxiety and related conditions, particularly those falling along the obsessive-compulsive spectrum (e.g., OCD, trichotillomania, tic disorders, etc.). The lab has a myriad of opportunities for involvement in ongoing projects as well as via analysis of data collected via past PAARC projects and our lab’s access to large-scale databases (i.e., ABCD Study)....
Kent State University-Psychological Sciences Kent, OH, USA Postdoc