South Carolina Department of Mental Health
  • Columbia, SC, United States

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Forensic Psychology

The South Carolina Department of Mental Health is pleased to announce the creation of a
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Forensic Psychology. We are now recruiting for our first
postdoctoral training year scheduled to begin in September.

The Forensic Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship with the South Carolina Department of Mental
Health is offering a unique opportunity for fellows to develop extensive evaluation, diagnostic, and
forensic experience through performing a variety of criminal forensic evaluations in our Forensic
Evaluation Services department. This department primarily performs Sexually Violent Predator
Precommitment Evaluations; Sexually Violent Predator Annual Review Evaluations; Competency to
Stand Trial Evaluations, and Criminal Responsibility Evaluations. Other evaluations related to
forensics are also performed on a less frequent basis, (e.g., malingering assessments,
neurocognitive/intellectual assessments, social security disability evaluations, etc.).
The fellowship is designed to provide the highest quality didactic and training experiences by
offering a year-long combination of clinical experience coupled with educational (e.g., forensic
readings) and training seminars (e.g., landmark cases/forensic didactics) under the supervision of
qualified, licensed forensic practitioners. Collaborative training experiences will be offered in
conjunction with the Department of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Science at the University of
South Carolina School of Medicine forensic psychiatry fellowship program.

Prospective fellows are required to have a Ph.D./Psy.D. in Clinical or Counseling Psychology and
have completed an APA approved internship. Previous forensic experience is strongly preferred,
though not required. We are looking for incoming Fellows who have the ability to conduct
productive interviews and mental status examinations; the ability to administer, interpret, and
score commonly used psychometric measures; the ability to write succinct and relevant reports
that effectively incorporate extensive data sets; and the ability to communicate findings to
audiences with varying familiarity with psychological knowledge.

Fellows will be employees of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health with the Forensic
Evaluation Services department. The stipend for the 12-month appointment for 2017-2018 is
$42,000.00. In addition, fellows will accrue vacation and sick leave hours each month and have the
opportunity to enroll in State retirement, health, vision, and dental insurance plans. Fellows will
also accrue additional leave hours to pursue relevant training through external sources.

Those interested should send a letter of interest; a Curriculum Vitae; three letters of
recommendation*; a copy of the applicant’s graduate school transcripts (if selected, an original
from the school will be required); and two sample reports* to the Postdoctoral Fellowship in
Forensic Psychology, c/o Dr. Tross at 7901 Farrow Road, Building 6, Columbia, SC 29203-3220 or
via email to Questions related to the fellowship should also be directed to the aforementioned email address or at 803-935- 7644.