Hamline University

Hamline University is located in the heart of the culturally vibrant Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. The Psychology Department (https://www.hamline.edu/cla/psychology/), within Hamline’s College of Liberal Arts, is comprised of 6 full-time faculty and over 150 majors and minors. Faculty are deeply engaged in research, scholarship, and professional development. Courses are rigorous and popular, with high-impact learning experiences embedded in courses, internships, and research apprenticeships. The Department administers the Psychology and Neuroscience programs and also contributes to the Public Health Sciences and Criminology and Criminal Justice programs in the College. The College of Liberal Arts, together with Hamline’s School of Business, serves approximately 2,100 undergraduate students. The University’s mission is to create a diverse and collaborative community of learners dedicated to the development of students’ knowledge, values, and skills for successful lives of leadership, scholarship, and service.  Founded in 1854, Hamline was the first university in Minnesota and among the first coeducational institutions in the nation. Hamline University provides a world-class education for undergraduate and graduate students. Our faculty, staff and students cultivate an ethic of civic responsibility, social justice and inclusive leadership and service.