Washington University in St Louis
  • Massachusetts, USA
Feb 07, 2024  
The Lifespan Lab at the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences (Derek Isaacowitz, PI) is looking for TWO post-doctoral research fellows to conduct research on emotional processes and aging. The positions would be for two years with the possibility of extending for a third year, and could start as early as July 2024. The lab is moving from Northeastern to Washington University in St Louis, so this is a great opportunity to be part of developing the direction of the lab it its new location. The goal of these positions is to be actively involved with the PI in the planning, execution and write-up of new studies on emotional processes in aging, including both in-lab, at-home and everyday life measurement, using a range of methods (eye tracking, physiology, behavioral measures). The lab is fast-paced and values a collaborative spirit, trying new methods and moving in new directions as determined by the interests of the members. There is also a lot of opportunity to conduct...
Washington University in St Louis St. Louis, MO, USA Postdoc